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Electric Fence kenya, electric fence nairobiAn Electric fence in Kenya is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter intruding animals and human beings from crossing a boundary. The voltage of the shock from Electric Fence installation in Kenya may cause discomfort to death. In Kenya, Electric fences are used for agricultural fencing and other forms of animal control, although they are also used to protect high-security areas such as military installations or prisons, where potentially lethal voltages may be used for Electric Fencing.

An electric fence system consists of an electric fence powering energizer, fence wire supported on insulators and fixed on posts. These connected to an earthing system, form a pulsed high voltage OPEN LOOP with the animal being the completing link. The effectiveness of the fence lies in the shock.  Solutions Unlimited is a professional Electric fence installer in Kenya with years of experience and expertise in these installations. We advise our clients on the following items to look for when looking to install an electric fence:

  • Quality long range energizer.
  • Grounding of the fence and energizer.
  • Good insulation of the `live’ conductor.
  • Type of wire used. The thicker the gauge the better. Galvanised Steel, High Tensile or Polywire (conductive wires in a plastic `wire’.)

Electric Fence installation in Kenya offers a safer alternative than conventional barrier fences such as barbed wire and chain-link wire. It’s less harmful compared to many fence types, which routinely cut, gouge and scrape livestock, leading to expensive vet and medical bills. With our Electric fence installations, you get flexibility to design the needed type of fence, whether a permanent, semi-permanent or portable application to work in most environments or geographical conditions of your choice. You also get to compare Electric Fence installation price and other items like Electric Fence Energizer price among other electric fencing materials.

Along the course of an average electric fence there are many conditions that will impede the flow of electricity. Collectively, these conditions are known as the “fence load‘. Weeds or vegetation growing on the fence line is the most common culprit contributing to a heavy fence load. Green plants draw voltage and amperage from the fence to earth. Other circumstances can largely reduce the voltage and amperage of an electric Fence. Cracked or broken insulators, or insulators of a poor design will allow electricity to leak to the fence post and down to earth. Sagging or broken wires can contact uninsulated wires or the ground. Wet weather will magnify all of these problems. When enough conditions exist to draw all of the electricity produced by the energizer from the fence, the fence is said to be `shorted out’ or Short circuited. This short circuit may affect automatic gates if you have one installed.

Rusty wire, poor splices, or wire of insufficient diameter to carry the flow of voltage and amperage also contribute to fence load. These problems do not draw voltage and amperage to earth, but they do impede the flow of electricity along the fence, contributing to the fence load.Even the length of the fence contributes to the fence load. The longer the fence, the less ability (or greater capacitance) it has to store the energy supplied by the Energizer. On very long fences, capacitance can become a major contributor to the fence load.

Proper construction of the Electric Fence with quality components, installing an adequately powered energizer, a proper earth installation and good electric fence management practices are the key to keeping fence load under control. Inadequate earthing is the most common failure in electric fence operation. Swampy and frozen ground also reduces the flow of current. You can improve the electric fence function by running a live/earth return system.

Electric fence systems install quickly with minimal standard tools, saving on time and labor if you get an experienced Electric fence installer. Cost savings of an electric fence are significant when compared to other fencing options such as wood, rail, vinyl, woven wire or barbed wire especially over long periods of time.


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