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Safety Signs in Kenya

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Health and safety signs in KenyaHealth and safety signs in Kenya are one of the main means of communicating health and safety information in Kenya. They can be found in places such as workplaces, nurseries, schools and offices. Signs provide information and warnings about hazards or threats which are essential to safety.

Solutions Unlimited has over the years provided and installed Health and Safety signs in Kenya.Safety signs are an essential part of any business, and in some cases are a legal requirement by the County Governments in Kenya for health and safety purposes. The importance of safety signs cannot be understated, and there are a number of reasons that your business should invest in high-quality safety signs.

One of the simplest explanations for the importance of safety signs is that they are a legal requirement for any workplace, and installing them therefore represents a key element of basic regulatory compliance. These signs include:

  • Fire Assembly signs
  • Fire Action signs
  • Fire Exit door signs
  • Exit signs
  • Electric Fence Warning Signs
  • Fire Extinguisher signs

The Health and Safety Regulations state that signs are required where significant risks to the health and safety of employees and others continue to exist even after all other relevant precautions have been taken. These signs are required to be clear, legible, visibly placed and well-maintained, and should be used in the following circumstances:

  • To warn against dangerous and prohibited actions in a certain area
  • To highlight safeguards and procedures that must be followed, or equipment that must be worn
  • To draw attention to a nearby hazard or potentially dangerous situation
  • To direct people towards essential safety gear and fire safety equipment

If companies fail to meet their legal requirements and something does go wrong, they could be at risk of regulatory fines and severe damage to their reputation, which is why no responsible business should ever underestimate the importance of investing in essential signage.

Depending on the nature of the workplace, occupational safety hazards could pose a risk to members of the public just as much as they do to employees. At public locations such as farms and construction sites, it’s easy for passersby to be exposed to very significant dangers – and unlike your staff members, they will have had no training on any of these risks, and will likely be totally unaware of what to do if something goes wrong.Safety signs can help to alleviate this problem significantly, providing a method of flagging up potential hazards – such as loud noises, dangerous machinery, falling objects or slippery surfaces – to members of the public. They can also be used to warn civilians to avoid certain areas, or to provide them with contact details or essential information if they notice any signs of danger.

If you are looking for a fair price and where to buy safety signage in Kenya, Solutions Unlimited is known for world class, top quality safety signage installations. Being a fire safety Company in Kenya, we serve clients in Thika, Meru, Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisii, Nakuru, Naivasha, Nanyuki, Kericho,Namanga,Busia and other major towns.


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