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How Biometric Systems Work

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Bioreader, finger print scanners kenyaBiometrics is the scientific analysis of biological information using technology. We as an authorized reseller of Suprema Systems in Kenya inform our clients that Biometric systems record biological information from humans. They are equipped with scanners that collect all of the data. This information, typically relates specifically to physical traits that an individual might have. Biometrics can be used for collection of Biometrics for Visas in Kenya, to capture data for Access control systems in Kenya or Time attendance systems in Kenya and for user verification.

As a supplier of ZK Teco in Kenya, we confirm that Biometrics has been a concern for centuries. Proving one’s identity reliably was done using several techniques. From prehistory man knew the uniqueness of fingerprints, which meant that signatures by fingerprints were sufficient to prove the identity of an individual. As authorized resellers of Suprema Systems in Kenya and the largest distributor of supplier in Kenya for tablets from IDEMIA formerly Safran Morpho including the ID Screen tablet, we know Biometrics is constantly growing especially in the field of secure identity documents such as the national identity card, passport, or driving license. This technology is running on new platforms including fingerprint scanners or readers and chip cards based on the microprocessor.

The biometric systems generally consist of an enrolment mode and a verification mode. Enrollment mode is a learning phase that aims to collect biometric information about who to identify. The verification or authentication mode is a “one-to-one” comparison, in which the system validates the identity of a person by comparing the biometric data entered with the biometric template of that person stored in the system’s database.

Architecture of a biometric system, which consists of the following elements:

  • The capture module that represents the entry point of the biometric system and consists in acquiring the biometric data in order to extract a digital representation.
  • The signal processing module that makes it possible to optimize the processing time and the digital representation acquired in the enrollment phase in order to optimize the processing time of the verification phase and the identification.
  • The storage module that contains the biometric templates of the system enrollees commonly known as the database.
  • The matching module that compares the data extracted by the extraction module with the data of the registered models and determines the degree of similarity between the two biometric data.
  • The decision module that determines whether the similarity index returns through the matching module is sufficient to make a decision about the identity of an individual.

A biometric system is a system that allows the recognition of a certain characteristic of an individual using mathematical algorithms and biometric data. There are several uses of biometric system that can be explained by any authorized reseller of Suprema Systems in Kenya.

Essentially, biometric access control is the use of biological data to deny or grant access to the entrance of or area of a facility. Most often, biometric access control looks at unique traits of each individual. This includes retina scans, facial recognition, fingerprints, etc.

Biometric User Verification and Registration in Kenya is the process used in user enrollment and account creation to ensure that the data provided by the user is valid and belongs to them.

Biometric Time attendance management is the use of biological data to record time of arrival or exit from a premise by registered users.


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